Enhancing Client's Mobile Communication-Another First With SaltDNA

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Another first from our award winning partner, SaltDNA. 

SaltDNA, a Cybersecurity 500 company and the leader in secure mobile communications for the enterprise, is delighted to announce the extension of its product suite to support secure desktop voice calls. SaltDNA's secure desktop voice capability is available immediately for all major platforms.

Allowing for incoming and outgoing secure calls with either a desktop or smartphone, SaltDNA is ideal for legal firms and healthcare providers who are increasingly under pressure to improve the security of client and patient information. This includes clients running MacOS and Windows 10.

"This is another major milestone for SaltDNA and early customer feedback has been excellent. Having the option to make a secure call from either a smartphone or laptop is a major productivity upgrade for our enterprise customers," said Joe Boyle, CEO at SaltDNA. "Coming just two months after the secure file attachments announcement, this Secure Voice over Desktop is the fifth major product release in 2017. We continue to work very closely with our customers and are lining up for another major product release before the end of the year."

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SaltDNA Adds More File Attachments for Encryption

Additional Secure File Attachments Now Available on SaltDesktop


Our partner, SaltDNA, has just announced additional secure file attachments for the Saltdesktop application. They continue to advance their leading secure mobile enterprise communications platform. Want to learn more? email us at:  info@iservicesgrp.com or sign up for your FREE Trial at:  

iSG Expands With The Opening of Second Office in Florida

We are excited to announce an expansion of our firm and have chosen central Florida for opening our second office effective today.

Here is the info:

1540 International Pkwy Suite 2000 Lake Mary, FL 32746

In addition, to better serve our expansion we have added a new 800 number service for the company:


This new location will support our expanded footprint into the SE market.

iSG Wins Guidance Software's Emerging Growth Partner of Year-USA

At the Guidance Software ENFUSE 2017 event in LAS Vegas this week Intelligence Services Group, LLC was awarded the Emerging Growth Partner Of The Year USA by Guidance Software.

"For our company to win this award against much larger firms is a testament to our team and more importantly to our customers who have placed their trust in us as their provider for security and digital forensics based on the ENCASE technology"..Bob Henderson - CEO



Is Attack Attribution a Priority?

In a recent article at CSO titled: What's the value in attack attribution?  Guidance Software CEO Patrick Dennis argues for the value of attribution. 

As past intelligence operatives our initial response is of course you need to find out out who is responsible for the attack. Not only does it provide useful information on unknown vulnerabilities, but if the attack results in litigation having the ability to identify a bad actor might support your defense.

What do you think? Is attribution valuable?

Recent hacks on US law firms reinforces the need for increased Cyber Security

Wanted to share this post from our friends at SaltDNA. 

In the wake of a yet another cyber attack on a number of US law firms, the legal industry must
respond to protect their practices & their clients confidential information. In 2016, there were a number of major law firm hacks - including the leak of top-secret documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca and the M&A hack attack by a Russian cyber criminal who targeted 48 elite law firms including Hogan Lovells, Allen & Overy, Cravath Swaine & Moore and Freshfields.

December 2016 saw Chinese Hackers target New York law firms in an attempt to gather
confidential information on recent mergers and acquisitions in order to penetrate the stock
market. Targeting the confidential communications of the law firms, the hackers netted around
$4 million in profit from the information they were able to gather. The ease with which this
appeared to have been carried out will only encourage more of the same attacks. Preet
Bharara , US attorney for the southern district of New York, said that the Chinese hackers
successfully breached “at least” two law firms, which he did not name, and targeted at least
another five.

"This case of cyber-meets-securities fraud should serve as a wake-up call for law firms around
the world,” he said. “You (law firms) are, and will be, targets of cyber hacking, because you
have information valuable to would-be criminals.”

These cyber attacks have highlighted how the interception of client-confidential information canhave meaningful consequences, and this applies to virtually every area of law. Traditional
methods of communications in law firms are no longer sufficient due to the higher levels of
sophistication in hacking, and the increasing availability of equipment and software which
facilitates interception and eavesdropping on communications. The need for a CyberSecurity
focussed solution is now a necessity within firms, and will affect individuals/enterprises decision on what law firm they wish to work with in the future.

With client information the target of recent cyber attack, legal firms must adopt new, robust
methods of communications to protect their clients, as well as their own reputation. In order to
do this, the ability to control who speaks to whom within their firm is essential, alongside the
mandate that all conversations are encrypted and private.

SaltDNA was created to specifically solve this problem for enterprises and works with all sizes of law firms to protect their practices and their clients. In the words of one of our customers, a large International law firm based in London:

"SaltDNA is part of every new case set up. We explain the reasons for using SaltDNA to our clients and they're thankful that we have this in place. It removes the need for cryptic phone conversations and is driving better communication with our clients."

SaltDNA provides a full managed software solution, on an enterprise scale, that enables
absolute privacy in mobile communications. Secure one-to-one messaging and calls,
conference calling and group chat, secure transfer and storage of files/images, better call quality and LDAP integration enable secure communication and collaboration across the enterprise. The SaltDNA solution is easy to deploy (SaaS & On-Premise) and uses multi-layered encryption techniques to meet the highest security standards. The SaltDNA Desktop and Mobile apps are intuitive and easy to install and use. The SaltDNA Communication Manager provides a console for tight management of users and can be configured for the management of regulatory compliance.

About SaltDNA

SaltDNA is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Belfast, UK, and is funded by
Accomplice (formerly Atlas Venture) and Stonehammer Capital. www.saltdna.com .

iSG Sponsoring and Attending LegalTech NYC -1/31

We are pleased to announce we will be a sponsor and have a presence at LegalTech NYC on 1/31 - 2/1 at the Hilton mid town in NYC. We will be in the Semi-Private Meetings Area. Our founder Bob Henderson and VP | CFO Helena Botticelli will be there. Talk to us about our unique approach to risk management through our ENCASE digital forensics platform and SaltDNA mobile enterprise encryption platform. Hope to see you there.

Event Information

Are Law Firms Putting Clients' Data at Risk

Read this recent article titled: Law firms’ inability to protect client data is a national security concern.  

One item that stood out for me in this article was that by and large firms DO NOT encrypt data that is stored at rest. If that is the case I wonder if they encrypt the data in transit, especially when they utilize their mobile communications. I suspect not.

In the Sullivan & Cromwell risk management event on Dec 1 in NYC this issue arose during a panel discussion on ransomware. If the firms' (or anyone for that matter) systems are compromised how do they communicate electronically during the crisis and avoid revealing their triage activities? Typically, they turn to mobile. But, if that channel of communications is not secure and encrypted then what?

Something to consider. Be interesting to hear what law firms are doing for securing their mobile privileged communications. What do you think?

iSG to Attend 2016 Sullivan & Cromwell LLP Risk Managment Summit

On December 1st in New York City iSG will be attending the:

2016 Sullivan & Cromwell LLP / RANE Risk Management Summit
The Management of Enterprise Risk & the Evolving Role of the Chief Risk Officer

Following last year’s Cyber Risks in the Boardroom program, which was attended by 300 practitioners and leading experts in risk management, the 2016 Sullivan & Cromwell / RANE Risk Management Summit will again sponsor a seminar to discuss pragmatic ways to mitigate the risks management and boards face and identify proactive steps they can take to protect their enterprises. Sessions will focus on understanding how companies can best prepare for these exposures in advance, in response and in recovery.

As corporations struggle to define their risk exposures and identify who is responsible for protecting and mitigating against them, the Chief Risk Officer has emerged as a critical executive role to manage risk across the company.

SaltDNA Announces Partnership with Intelligence Services Group to offer Secure Mobile Communications

SaltDNA Announces New Partnership with Intelligence Services Group to offer Secure Mobile Communications

Cambridge, MA and Belfast, UK — November 18, 2016 - SaltDNA, the leader in secure mobile communications and compliance for the enterprise are delighted to announce its recent partnership with the Intelligence Services Group (iSG), a New Jersey based company who offer Strategic Intelligence, Digital Forensics and Security Software services.

iSG’s experienced team, which consists of trained security intelligence operatives, multi-disciplined technology practitioners and legal experts continue the expansion of SaltDNA’s community of partners in the United States.

“Intelligent Services Group are a perfect partner for SaltDNA. Their knowledge of the market within this lucrative region will help us meet our aggressive growth plans for 2017”, said Joe Boyle, COO at SaltDNA. “Working together we will be able to avail of a lot of large opportunities in New York and the surrounding areas.”

“ISG’s goal is always to bring the most innovative solutions to the market.  SaltDNA are doing something which no other vendor is doing: building a secure communications system which can be controlled by the enterprise,” said Bob Henderson, CEO at Intelligence Services Group, LLC.  “The recent addition of SaltDesktop opens up a new set of users who work in restricted or highly regulated environments. With the ability to deploy the full system on premise this becomes a compelling solution”.

SaltDesktop is a desktop application which expands the enterprise’s ability to communicate privately between mobile and desktop, facilitating the transfer of highly confidential images and documents.

For more information in regards to the SaltDNA and iSG Partnership, or other SaltDNA news, contact our team on info@saltdna.com.

About SaltDNA

SaltDNA Enterprise is a fully enterprise-managed software solution that provides absolute privacy in mobile and desktop communications to protect its users from economic and corporate espionage. It is easy to deploy and uses multi-layered encryption techniques to meet the highest of security standards.  The SaltDNA Mobile App can be used on any device running iOS or Android and protects communications over any network, along with the Desktop Application, which is currently available on computers operating on Mac OS X with a Windows-compatible version available later in 2016. The SaltDNA Communication Manager provides a console for tight management of users and can be configured for the management of regulatory compliance. More more information visit www.saltdna.com.

About iSG

iSGs team is comprised of experienced and trained security intelligence operatives, multi-disciplined technology practitioners and legal experts. Their unique capability combines intelligence gathering, application of digital forensics technology, positioning of best in breed cybersecurity software and real world experience enabling clients to assess threats and make informed decisions. www.iservicesgrp.com

For further information, please contact SaltDNA Marketing Manager John Bailie - john.bailie@saltdna.com

iSG attends GS Engineering Bootcamp

iSG attended the Guidance Software software enginnering bootcamp on 11/03/16 in NYC. An all day event focused on our pre sales engineering capabilities. Some of the areas covered were:

- Identify new opportunities for inserting a Guidance solution

- Handle objections based on technical requirements

- Identify where Guidance fits with other solutions customers already have

- Conduct a demo to describe the value of the solution with technical functionality

- Technically architect and recommend a solution that includes Guidance Software

A good day to keep our skills sharp and deliver excellence to our customers.

SaltDNA Adds Desktop App

SaltDNA Adds Desktop Application to its Secure Mobile Communication Solution for the Enterprise

Secure communications between smartphones and desktop applications expands the secure network and enhances privacy and compliance

Cambridge, MA and Belfast, UK — November 2, 2016 -- SaltDNA, the first company to provide encrypted mobile communications with full, centralized control for the enterprise, has added secure desktop communications to its solution.  SaltDesktop is an application that allows users to communicate privately between computers and mobile devices. This new addition to the product line expands the enterprise’s ability to communicate privately and facilitates the transfer of highly confidential images and documents.

“We continue to quickly add new functionality to the SaltDNA solution as our customers demand. The ability to securely connect the back office with mobile devices is a key requirement for our customers in many of the industries we serve, including security services, legal, healthcare and financial. In the industries that we work in, we’ve seen that in certain office environments employees have restricted access to their mobile devices. Our new desktop application will act as the perfect solution for communications between office and field works who may been to share information and documentation securely. We are delighted to deliver on this requirement,” said Kevin Donaghy, CEO at SaltDNA.

SaltDesktop enables greater collaboration and efficiency by allowing remote users to securely access information and files from the office.  It meets the privacy and compliance requirements for regulated industries like healthcare (HIPAA) and financial (FINRA); and provides the most up-to-date intelligence for legal and security services/law enforcement organizations. SaltDesktop is available today on computers running Mac OS X with a Windows-compatible version available next month.

“SaltDNA continues to innovate with new functionality while maintaining important ease-of-use and ease-of-deployment features.  As a partner, we appreciate that. The addition of secure desktop communications to the mobile offering greatly broadens the use case for this solution within our customer base,” said Juan Manuel Garcia de Quevedo, the CEO of Alta Estrategia SOS.

This latest announcement follows a long line of innovative releases from SaltDNA, including the first and only Secure Conference Calling feature and the first encrypted communication solution available as a Virtual Appliance. For more information about the SaltDesktop contact Intelligence Services Group at info@iservicesgrp.com