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What is Key Shadowing?

Key Shadowing is a patented secret sharing technology that permits a master key to be created, used to protect data in flight or at rest, “shadowed” into any number of parts, and then destroyed. The master key is never persistently stored. When the data needs to be accessed, a pre-defined number of the shadows (current options are 2, 3, or 4) can be used to regenerate the master key.


Why Does it Matter?

Using old technologies, master keys are generally stored using a key management system. That system represents a single point of potential failure: If the system is hacked, a bad actor inside an organization grants access to the system, or the system is otherwise exposed, an organization’s master keys are exposed. Thus, their data is exposed.

  • Never again store your keys as a process to protect them

  • Key Shadow Technology Eliminates the storage of Keys

  • The Key Shadow Algorithm replaces all previous key storage technologies

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