Enterprise Features

Closed User Groups                    Central Admin & Control

Message Metadata Archival              
& Forensic Reporting (Optional)

Message Content Archival                
& Forensic Reporting (Optional)

Call Metadata Archival                     
& Forensics Reporting (Optional)

Call Content Archival                       
& Reporting

On Prem Installation                        

Secure Virtual Appliance                  

Desktop App                                   

Dedicated 24x7 Support                  

Fundamental Features

High Grade Encryption                        

Peer to Peer Messages                        

Group Messages                                 

Peer to Peer Calls                               

Encrypted Conference Calls                

Message Image Attachments              

Message File Attachments                  

Message Burn/Destroy               Self Destruct & On Demand

Call History Burn/Destroy          Self Destruct & On Demand

Requires Contact Access                    No


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